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Explanation of Common Course Codes

Common Course Code Format

The common course code (CCC) consists of the following components, designated by the Ministry of Education and Training:

·        five code characters

·        a course title

 The Common Course Code (CCC)

The first three characters of the CCC are assigned by the Ministry and represent the discipline, the subject and the course. 

The fourth character refers to the grade of the course:

1 -     Grade 9

2 -     Grade 10

3 -     Grade 11

4 -     Grade 12

The fifth character refers to the course type.  The course types are:
D -     Academic
C -     College Preparation
P -     Applied
E -     Workplace Preparation
L -     Essentials
M -    University/College Preparation
O -     Open
U -     University Preparation

A sixth character is used by the school to reflect a particular focus of a course.  This sixth character does not appear on the student’s transcript.

E -    Taught in English
F-  Taught in French
D- Co-op (Two credit)
S- Co-op (One credit)
U- Online Course

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