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Types of Courses

Types of Courses


Students in Grade 9 and 10 will choose courses from one or more of four types: Academic, Applied, Open and Essentials.  Academic and Applied courses will have similar core content, with Academic courses focussing on theoretical knowledge while Applied courses will focus on practical application of knowledge.  The differences between the Academic and Applied types of courses are the instructional strategies and materials and the methods of assessment and evaluation.  Open courses will provide knowledge applicable to all destinations.  All four types of courses in Grade 9, provide the necessary prerequisites for all Grade 10 courses in the same discipline in any stream, except for Mathematics.

Cross-over materials:  Cross-over materials will be offered in French, Science, and English and are available at school.  These materials will be available in the following formats: CD, web ( and hardcopy.  It is highly recommended that a grade nine student taking a different type of course in grade 10 take all (30 hours) or a portion thereof. These materials are self-directed and self-marking.

Transfer CoursesTransfer courses will allow students who are taking one type of course in Grade 10 or 11 and Grade 9 Mathematics to switch to another type in the same subject in the next grade.  The transfer course consists of those learning expectations that were not included in the completed course but that are considered to be essential for success in the course to be taken. Partial credits are granted for successful completion of a transfer course.  These courses are offered in summer semester.



In Grades Eleven and Twelve, students will select courses based on their goals, interests and future plans.  These courses will prepare them to enter college, university or the workplace directly.  Most courses will be streamed according to graduation destination.

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